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Is boot cluster 0/1 chosen as boot program area after reset state?

Latest Updated:12/20/2013


In the flash self-programming library for the RL78 family MCUs, is boot cluster 0 or boot cluster 1 selected as the boot program area after release from the reset state following an interruption of power during boot swapping by either the FSL_SwapBootCluster or FSL_SwapActiveBootCluster function?


This depends on the value of the boot flag at the time of the reset after interruption of power.

  1. The FSL_SwapBootCluster function does not invert the boot flag and the boot flag thus retains its value from before power was interrupted. The boot flag determines the boot cluster selected for the boot program area.

  2. In the case of the FSL_SwapActiveBootCluster function, the selected boot cluster is in accord with the value of the boot flag at the time power was interrupted (whether or not inversion had been completed).
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