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Is bss attribute section to 0/__INITSCT_RH operation is not needed?

Latest Updated:02/27/2015


I am copying the values of the data attribute section and initializing the bss attribute section to 0 at the same time by using the __INITSCT_RH function in the startup routine. What should I do if either operation is not needed?


Specify 0 for the parameters (r6 to r9) of the __INITSCT_RH function; the parameters in r6 and r7 are for the data attribute section, and those in r8 and r9 are for the bss attribute section.

Example 1: When you don't need to copy values for the data attribute section:

   mov 0, r6
   mov 0, r7
   mov #__s.INIT_BSEC.const, r8
   mov #__e.INIT_BSEC.const, r9
   jarl32 __INITSCT_RH, lp

Example 2: When you don't need to initialize the bss attribute section to 0:

   mov #__s.INIT_DSEC.const, r6
   mov #__e.INIT_DSEC.const, r7
   mov 0, r8
   mov 0, r9
   jarl32 __INITSCT_RH, lp
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