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MEM: 581KB of conventional memory; a problem of assembler execution?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


When checking with the MEM command, there are 581KB of conventional memory, but is this a problem during assembler execution?

     Name            Total          Conventional       Higher Memory
     --------  ----------------   ----------------   ----------------
     MSDOS       49,872   (49K)     49,872   (49K)          0    (0K)
     HIMEM        4,992    (5K)      4,992    (5K)          0    (0K)
     IFSHLP       2,816    (3K)      2,816    (3K)          0    (0K)
     SETVER         768    (1K)        768    (1K)          0    (0K)
     WIN          3,840    (4K)      3,840    (4K)          0    (0K)
     vmm32        3,296    (3K)      3,296    (3K)          0    (0K)
     COMMAND      7,760    (8K)      7,760    (8K)          0    (0K)
     FREE       581,712  (568K)    581,712  (568K)          0    (0K)


There are no conventional memory restrictions for 32-bit Windows compatible products.
For DOS and 16-bit Windows compatible products, if EMS or protect memory can be used, it is automatically used.
If, judging from the size of the conventional memory in your inquiry, there is the possibility of a problem occurring, perhaps you use a considerable number of symbols?
Also, is cross reference output?
In this case, if the number of symbols exceeds approximately 6000, an error may be output.
If this is the case, you can prevent this error by stopping cross reference output and reducing the number of symbols.
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