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TX pin opens after completion of PDG SCI transmission

Last Updated:05/24/2017


The output from the TXD pin lowers gradually if the final data is High at the end of SCI communication using the Peripheral Driver Generator (PDG).


When using SCI for communication, R_PG_SCI_StartSending_Cn (n is a channel number), which is an API function of the Peripheral Driver Generator (PDG), is called.

From that function, R_SCI_SendData in the RPDL library is called.

The TXD pin returns to the initial value (port input) upon completion of transmission during processing of the R_SCI_SendData function. Therefore, the output from the TXD pin lowers gradually.

(Example: When the RX63N TXD12 pin is used)

If it is necessary to keep the data even after the end of transmission, rewrite the API function R_SCI_SendData in the RPDL adequately according to the following FAQs.

Suitable Products

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