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Which voltage mode should be set for initial settings in RL78 MCUs?

Latest Updated:12/20/2013


Which voltage mode (full speed mode or wide voltage mode) should be set for the initial settings of the library of the RL78 family MCUs?


The items of the usage environment listed below determine the voltage mode.

  • Power Supply Voltage (VDD)
  • CPU operating frequency
  • The value of the “Setting of flash operation mode” in the user option byte.

Refer to the table “Programming Modes and Voltages at Which Data Can Be Written, Erased, or Verified” in the “Flash Memory” chapter of the User’s Manual: Hardware for more information on the relation between the values of the items above and the voltage mode.
Note that some target devices are fixed to the full speed mode. Confirm whether this is or is not applicable to the device you are using.

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