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What's the difference between evaluation and official product of FDT?

Latest Updated:01/20/2006


What are the differences between the evaluation and official product versions of Flash Development Toolkit?


The following list describes the differences between the two versions, as is stated in the Disclaimer Agreement section displayed before downloading the evaluation version.

  1. Technical support is not provided for the evaluation version software.
    Customers are requested to research and resolve problems by checking the information available in the Instruction Manual and on our website below.
    Contust Us
    Flash Development Toolkit FAQs
  2. No User Registration
    Users who have purchased the product version are encouraged to complete the Renesas Tool User Registration, which enables them to receive product upgrades and special usage notes, sent directly to each user. Customers using the evaluation versions cannot register for or receive these benefits.
  3. Evaluation versions cannot be updated using the online updates made available for product versions.
    In order to try the latest evaluation version of a product, you will first need to uninstall the evaluation version previously installed on your system and then install the newer evaluation version.
  4. Display Differences
    The title bar of the evaluation version Flash Development Toolkit indicates “Unsupported Freeware Version” and the output window indicates “This is an unsupported version, a supported release is also available from Renesas.”
    All other functions and specifications are the same as the product version.

When programming your final product, please make sure you use the product version of the software. If any problems or bugs occur while you are using the evaluation version, we cannot provide any kind of support to aid you. In addition, the evaluation version software only comes with one license. Renesas Electronics strictly prohibits copying and transferring the evaluation version software.

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