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What does this error L3430?

Latest Updated:12/04/2006


When building a project, L3430 error occurs.


This error occurs when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Using a free evaluation compiler package.
  2. When 61 days or more have passed since the first installation of a free evaluation compiler package.
  3. Program size exceeds the limitation size of the free evaluation compiler package.

If the L3430 message is displayed with a product you have purchased, you might have updated it with the free evaluation version unintentionally.
Please check the following:

  1. Whether you have downloaded the free evaluation version by mistake.
    If you find you are using the free evaluation version, access the Renesas WEB again to download the updater of the product.
    By installing the proper updater of the product, this problem will be solved.
  2. Whether you selected the free evaluation compiler package when you constructed the project.
    If you selected the free evaluation by mistake, please re-create the project with the product version compiler package.


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