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What tools should be purchased when migrating from V851 to V850E/MS1?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


What tools should be newly purchased when migrating from the V851 to the V850E/MS1 ?


In V850E/MS1 development, because the emulator main unit is a separate unit, hardware components other than the power supply and the interface must be newly prepared.
Software tools are used intact.
However, a device file must be added.
Actually, the following items must be added:

IE main unit IE-703102-MC
Peripheral I/O board IE703102-MC-EM1 (for 5V)
IE703102-MC-EM1-A (for 3.3V)
Conversion adapter/socket NQPACK144SD, YQPACK144SD, etc.
Device file DF703102

The device file can be downloaded from "Development Tools Download."

Suitable Products
V850 Family