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Why does an IO wizard isn't available for watchdog timer setting?

Latest Updated:09/04/2009


On IO Wizard, there isn't any available setting for watchdog timer setting. Why ?


Watchdog timer setting is not supported on IO Wizard due to following 2 reasons.

  1. Watchdog timer is a function to detect when the program is out of control. Watchdog should be included into the software at very last stage of software development that is after the system software is done and tested.
  2. Major IO Wizard users are inexperienced in MCU software writing. These users will have hard timer to debug the software if they turn on the watchdog and do not use it properly.
    [ Remark : The correct way to use watchdog timer is : After the watchdog timer is started, the program should include "reset watchdog timer counter' setting at different points of the program code so that watchdog timer counter can be regularly get reset during actual program execution. ]


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