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Getting Started with Debugging for the Synergy Software Package

Last Updated:07/04/2017

Getting Started

We have made it easy for you to get started with Debugging for the Synergy Software Package (SSP). Just follow the steps on this page and we will guide you thru the process of learning about the basics of debugging, learning about advanced debugging capabilities, using some hands-on exercises to help solidify the debugging topics learned in previous steps and where to find additional resources to help your development efforts.

This guide assumes you have already done some initial development of a Synergy project and are familiar with basic Synergy coding practices. If you are not, follow the steps in this Getting Started guide first. Click here.

1: An Introduction to Debugging with SSP

In this step we introduce you to basic debugging techniques and capabilities using SSP. Topics covered include running and launching the debugger, the debugging perspective, breakpoints, execution trace, visual expression and memory display. Link

2: Advanced Debugging with SSP

In this step we cover advanced debugging capabilities and techniques useful for all SSP projects. Lessons that specifically highlight debugging techniques for RTOS-based projects are also covered. Topics covered include <tbd>. Link

3: Hands-on Debugging Exercises 

In this step we provide some advanced hands-on exercises and labs helpful in learning how to apply the capabilities and techniques covered in the previous steps. Link

4: Additional Resources

There are a variety of resources available to accelerate your development. Data sheets, user's manuals, example designs, application notes, online support, and online engineering forums all make it possible to get a head start on your specific project. Just click on this link to go to an article that describes all of the relevant development resources, where to find them and how to use them efficiently. Link