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How do I add a customized module to an SSP project to avoid overwriting by SSP?

Last Updated:05/09/2017


How do I create a custom module in an SSP project?


It might sometimes be desirable to modify an underlying SSP module behavior. SSP modules cannot be modified "in place" because their source files are automatically extracted and copied each time the project is built, overwriting any potential modification that the user might have made.

The proper way to modify an SSP module is to create a copy of it (by instantiating a module of the desired type using the ISDE GUI), then moving its sources outside of the directories used for SSP copy/overwriting, eliminating the instantiation from the GUI interface, and treating the copied sources as any other project sources, allowing the user to modify them at will, without them being deleted in the next project rebuilt. This process is described in detail in in this document:

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