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How do I configure USB to work correctly with the DK-S7G2 kit using SSP 1.1.0 alpha?

Latest Updated:09/19/2016


How do I get USB working with my DK-S7G2 Kit using SSP 1.1.0 Alpha?


1) In 1.1.0, we introduced Synergy-specific #defines with address offsets & etc. When you initialize your host stack with the line:

/* Register all the USB host controllers available in this system */
ux_host_stack_hcd_register((UCHAR*)"YRDKRX63N", _ux_hcd_rx_initialize, UX_RX_HC_USB_BASE, UX_RX_CONTROLLER_RX62N);

You need to replace it with:
ux_host_stack_hcd_register((UCHAR*) "ANYTHING", _ux_hcd_synergy_initialize, 0x40060000UL, UX_SYNERGY_CONTROLLER_S7G2);

3rd argument is currently a fixed value as ux_hcd_synergy.h has #define UX_SYNERGY_USB_BASE commented out.

This should register the stack properly and supply power to the USB host controller.

2) There has been a slight change to the low level Synergy specific USB driver (apart from the rename), now you have to pass in the base address of the controller when the controller is registered with host stack :-

#define UX_SYNERGY_S7G2_USBHS_BASE  0x40060000UL

status =  ux_host_stack_hcd_register((UCHAR *)"DK-S7G2", _ux_hcd_synergy_initialize, UX_SYNERGY_S7G2_USBHS_BASE, UX_SYNERGY_CONTROLLER_S7G2);