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How do I fix an unhandled event loop exception?

Latest Updated:09/19/2016


I get an Unhandled Event Loop Exception within e2 studio and SSP. How do I prevent this?


This can be related to an issue with the v5.0 Alpha version (prior to the April 2016 release) of e2 studio.

Each time you open a pin configuration file and under the condition that the package view is visible, a number of resources get allocated (=> this also happens when you open a project).

The problem is that the allocated resources are not released properly as soon as a pin configuration file gets closed. This means that repeatedly opening and closing projects and /r pin configuration files will result in a 'no more handles' error.

This problem will be fixed in the final version of e2 studio v5.0.0, scheduled to be released towards the end of April, 2016.