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How do I keep e2 studio from locking up when I create a new project with a checking for available smart manuals notification?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How do I keep e2 studio from locking up my computer with a checking for smart manuals notification?


This is a known issue for e2 studio release e2 studio v5.0.0.043. You can turn off the check prior to loading a project by performing the following two steps below from within e2 studio:

1) Go to 'Window>Preferences>General>Startup and Shutdown' and tick the box titled 'Renesas Smart Manual Discovery'. Then click Apply and OK.

2) Go to 'Window>Preferences>C/C++>Renesas>Smart Manual> Discovery' and un-tick the box titled 'Automatically search for available Smart Manuals'. Then click Apply and OK.

That should stop the lock-up from happening.


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