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How does Renesas define the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


There are lots of descriptions of the Internet of Things (IoT). How does Renesas define the IoT?


Renesas sees the IoT as a technology revolution that will provide new business opportunities to companies building products that connect to it. The IoT revolution will transform many of our markets from a 'sale of goods' economy to a 'sale of goods and services' economy. Embedded vendors have an opportunity to adapt their business models to take advantage of IoT capabilities to stay relevant and grow. Intelligent and connected platforms are required to enable new value chains based on a platform play, or an associated ecosystem play.

With so many attempting to capitalize on the business opportunities enabled by the IoT, the system designers participating in IoT market will not all be traditional embedded designers. Instead, some will be experts in application development and software design who have creative ideas they need to get to market quickly. We strongly believe the Renesas Synergy Platform will help these designers bring unique products to market that capitalize on the new economies enabled by the IoT.

The Renesas Synergy Platform will help them achieve this for the following reasons:

  • The Renesas Synergy Platform enables developers to accelerate their development by using an integrated MCU and software platform rather than developing one internally.
  • IoT products will need to incorporate a variety of technologies, including connectivity, security, safety, low power management and human interfaces.  The Renesas Synergy Platform has all of this functionality integrated and ready to use so the customer can avoid the cost and time required to source and develop these functions internally.
  • The Renesas Synergy Platform reduces the cost and resources needed to build basic device functionality, allowing customers to focus their resources on developing features that differentiate their products from the competition.