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How to obtain a Synergy Starter Kit


After completing this how-to you will have obtained a Synergy Starter Kit that you can use to evaluate and develop with the Synergy Software Package and all the associated tools and resources. Just follow the below steps to complete this task.

1: Why is a kit required?

To evaluate the Synergy Platform, you will need to get a Synergy Kit. Once you have a kit you can start working with Synergy Software using either the e2 Studio ISDE, of the IAR Embedded Workbench for Synergy development tools. You will be able to run a variety readymade example projects on the Synergy MCU on the kit, as well as compile, and debug your own applications.

There is no better way to learn about, evaluate and ultimately develop with the Synergy Platform than 'hands-on' using a Synergy Kit.

If you are new to the Synergy Platform, we recommend using the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit This kit has been designed to enable low-cost evaluation of all main functionality in the Synergy Software Package (SSP), and includes a color TFT LCD for experimenting with the GUI capabilities of the Synergy Platform, as well as Ethernet and USB ports and a host of other capabilities.

If you are looking to evaluate the functionality of a specific Synergy MCU, you will find the full list of available Synergy Kits on


2: Select a distributor and place your order

The SK-S7G2 Starter Kit, can be ordered from any Renesas distributors worldwide. See the following list for ordering codes and links to regional distributor sites. Simply select your appropriate distributor and place your order.

North America

Distributor              Part Number (Ordering Number)

Arrow Electronics         YSSKS7G2E30

Avnet                                    YSSKS7G2E30

Digi-Key                               YSSKS7G2E30

Future Electronics        YSSKS7G2E30

Mouser                                 YSSKS7G2E30


Distributor                   Part Number (Ordering Number)

Renesas Shop              YSSKS7G2E30


Distributor                     Part Number (Ordering Number)

Marutsu                            YSSKS7G2E30

Chip One Stop               YSSKS7G2E30

Southeast Asia / Oceania

Distributor                    Part Number (Ordering Number)

RS Components            YSSKS7G2E30


3: What to do while your kit is being shipped

You don't need to wait for your kit to continue building out your Synergy Platform ecosystem. You can download the software, work with the ISDE to create projects, read over application notes, watch videos and many other tasks to help you evaluate the Synergy Platform. See the complete list of relevant material in Section 4, below.

The next task we recommend is to visit the Renesas Synergy website to install either the e2 studio or IAR based ISDE. Just click on this link to go directly to the How To article describing this task. Link.

4: Additional Resources Available to Help Speed Development

  • Module Guides and Application Projects (Your primary source for detailed examples showing working code)
  • Solution Gallery (The complete collection of Synergy related software, tools, hardware, kits, partner projects, application projects and more!)
  • YouTube channel (Quick introductions to key Synergy capabilities)
  • Developer Examples (SSP 1.2.0)  (from Synergy Gallery- good test bench projects)
  • Renesas Academy  (six courses posted now – dozen more coming, excellent self-paced content)
  • IoT Community (information related to Synergy IoT targeted kits and projects)
  • Synergy Chat (from any Synergy page- a technical expert can answer quick questions on software, tools, kits, MCU's and more)
  • Knowledge base / FAQ (Extensive collection of Synergy related guides, FAQs, How to articles and helpful tips)
  • Renesas Rulz Synergy Forum (post questions and get answers to complex questions. You can even answer questions you know the answers to!)
  • Synergy Technical Bulletin Board (Frequent posts on key issues and work arounds. Subscribe for a periodic email notice on important topics)
  • Prof IoT Blog (Weekly post that help guide your development efforts and increase productivity)