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Is there a simple SSP example showing the use of TraceX?

Latest Updated:09/19/2016


Is there a simple example for SSP that shows how to use TraceX?


The below example project uses ThreadX Blinky to illustrate the use of TraceX.

Here are the steps used to configure and run TraceX:

1. Add the ThreadX source. HAL/Common Modules>>New>>Framework>>RTOS>>ThreadX Source
2. Highlight ThreadX Source
3. Enable the following: Event Trace.
4. Run code
5. Suspend
6. Window>>Show View>>Memory
7. Click on green + icon. Type g_tx_trace_buffer into the address field.
8. Click Export icon Memory view. It is on the Memory tool bar towards the right with 1010 and an arrow up.
9. Save as: Format=RAW Binary, Length=65536. Filename=MyFavoriteTrace.trx
10. Double click on MyFavoriteTrace.trx (or open it within the TraceX)
11. DONE!