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SSP Messaging Configuration Migration Guide

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How do I migrate projects that use the SSP Messaging System from e2 studio 4.2 and SSP 1.0.0 to e2 Studio 5.0 and SSP 1.1.0?


Only some projects will need to be converted using this migration guide. Check the below requirements to see if you can skip this process.

  • Your messaging system with the Messaging Framework is built on e2 studio (also referred as e2 studio 4.2) with SSP1.0.0-gold.
  • The Messaging Framework was configured by the support tool named sf_message_configurator
  • You are attempting to migrate your project to e2 studio (also referred as e2 studio 5.0) with SSP1.1.0-alpha.1.
  • Migration of Synergy Configuration (Modules listed in Modules pane on Threads tab in e2 studio 4.2 are converted to Modules stack in Thread Stacks pane).

The detailed process for migrating Synergy projects that use the SSP Messaging System requires several steps.These are described in detail in the attached document.