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Latest Updated:03/15/2012


The following warning is displayed when I compile the startup file (resetprg.c)

C1410 (W) A struct/union/class has different pack specifications

Is there any problem with the program operations? How can I remove the warning?


This does not indicate a problem with the user’s program operations. The startup file (resetprg.c) is arranged to include kernel_rom.h and kernel_ram.h generated by the cfg600 configurator. The contents of these kernal files are created assuming use of #pragma unpack. Therefore, when using the pack option of the complier, and the #pragma pack is specified before the kernal files are included, this warning is generated. To remove the warning, modify the starup file (resetprg.c) as follows.

// RI600/4 system data
#pragma unpack ←Add
#include "kernel_ram.h" // generated by cfg600
#include "kernel_rom.h" // generated by cfg600
#pragma packoption ←Add

Suitable Products
RI600/4 Real-time OS for RX Family
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