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USBX_Device_Class_Mass_Storage Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:03/01/2018


Where can I find the references to module guide resources for the USBX Device Class Mass Storage Framework module on ux_device_class_storage?


Information on the module guide itself and the associated resources and known issues are available here.


The USBX™ Device Class Mass Storage module implements high-level APIs for USB mass storage applications and is implemented on sf_el_ux for USB Full Speed (USBFS) or USB High Speed (USBHS). The USBX Device Class Mass Storage module uses the USB and data-transfer peripherals on the Synergy MCU.

The module supports the following features:

  • ThreadX®-aware framework.
  • Storage Media Parameter Setup
    • Last LBA
    • Byte-per-sector
    • Type of storage media
    • Removable flag
  • USB Device Configuration (Device Configuration)
    • Vendor ID
    • Product ID
    • Device Release Number
    • Index of Serial Number String Descriptor
  • Supported USB Specification (DCD)
    • USBFS
    • USBHS
  • USB Device interrupts (DCD)

Module Guide

The module guide is targeted for SSP 1.2.0 and above and the SK-S7G2 Kit.

The most recent versions of the module guide application note, application project and import guide are available here.

Module Guide Resources

  • Getting Started with the Audio Player Application using SSP - Application Project here.
  • USBX™ Host Class Mass Storage Module Guide - Application Project here.

Known issues

  • Refer to the SSP release notes for current known issues available here


Suitable Products
SSP 1.2.0 and above