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What is the Renesas Synergy Platform?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


What is the Renesas Synergy Platform and why does Renesas think it will have a big market impact?


On June 15, 2015 Renesas announced the company's new platform for embedded and IoT product development, Renesas Synergy. It is a complete and qualified platform that accelerates product development, inspires innovation and enables differentiation.

Key elements of the platform include an optimized Application Framework, Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), DSP, safety and security libraries, RTOS, USB and TCP/IP connectivity stacks, graphic user interface and a file system all integrated and tested for compatibility with a new microcontroller family.  All software, hardware and tools in the platform are supported directly by Renesas.

With its high levels of integration and one-stop shop support model, the Renesas Synergy Platform removes the complexity of software and hardware development so customers can almost immediately begin developing their applications at the API level. This lets them focus on creating innovative, differentiated value-added features (connected services or a unique GUI, for example) rather than wasting precious design time wrestling with hardware and software just to configure baseline functionality.

Renesas believes the Renesas Synergy Platform will strike a chord with customers looking to get new IoT-enabled products to market quickly.