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Renesas Synergy Solutions

Latest Updated:07/18/2016

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes a variety of complete solutions useful for getting a head start on product development. Solutions provide working, tested and well documented starting points for a specific application.

Product Example kits offer a unique perspective into a "design instance" of a particular end product, closely representing how the actual end product would be designed. As a time saver, portions of PE designs can be can be re-used in actual end-products, or the PE designs can be leveraged by using the documented design journey which describes the decision process made by the original PE designers, enabling the opportunity to modify the PE design to meet particular needs.

Application Examples are kits that include multiple components creating a showcase of the use of multiple technologies surrounding and including the Renesas Synergy Platform. Combining Development kits, Product Examples, VSA and QSA software add-ons, hardware plug-ins and other components, these all-inclusive kits are all about solutions. From wireless connectivity protocols and encryption to Capacitive Touch or Motor Control, Renesas Synergy AEs provide a massive head start on new designs.

You can find links to key documents for Synergy Solutions on the Documentation Tab on the web page below:

You will find the following documents there.

  • Quick Start Guides- short description of how to start using the solution right out of the box
  • Data Shorts- short description of solution features and capabilities
  • Users Manuals- complete description of solutions functionality including schematics


The downloads tab on the same web page provides the following:

  • Sample Code Examples- to get you started on your software design
  • Board Design Information- to get you started on your next board design


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