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How is above mentioned response time regulation related these curves?

Latest Updated:03/01/2007


The data sheet of a comparator (uPC277) specifies a response time of 1.3 µs (typ.) in the ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS.

[Response time]

On the other hand, in the following characteristic curves, the response time differs between pulse response characteristic I (output changes H -> L) and pulse response characteristic II (L -> H). How is the above-mentioned response time regulation related to these curves?

[Pulse response characteristics]


In a comparison of pulse response characteristics I and II, the pulse response time for characteristics II takes longer. The pulse response characteristics described in the electrical characteristics indicate the worst characteristic values (in the case of response time, the longest time) and that helps customers avoid risk.
Therefore, the case of pulse response characteristics II, in which the output changes from L to H, is specified.
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