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Which power-supply ICs products have encoded marking product name?

Latest Updated:10/01/2006


Among power-supply ICs, which products have encoded marking product name?


The following products, which use power minimold (SOT-89/SC-62) or 5-pin minimold (SC-74A) as packages, have an encoded marking product name. For the encoding details, refer to the data sheet of each product.


  • uPC1093T
  • uPC1943T
  • uPC1944T
  • uPC78LxxT Series
  • uPC29LxxT Series
  • uPD120NxxT1B Series

[SOT-89 Package Drawing]


  • uPC1093TA
  • uPC1945TA
  • uPD120NxxTA Series

[SC-74A Package Drawing]

[Marking Example: uPC1093]

Product Name Marking
uPC1093T 93
uPC1093TA K93
Suitable Products
Power Management Linear