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Is there any Vgs characteristics data for 2SJ528 at ID = -50 mA to -100 mA?

Latest Updated:09/02/2013


Is there any Vgs(on) characteristics data for the 2SJ528 at ID = -50 mA to -100 mA? The datasheet contains data for ID up to -1 A, but I want to know the characteristics for ID = -50 mA to -100 mA. Also, at what Vgs will the MOSFET turn on at this amount of load current?


The measurement reference value for Vgs at -50 mA to -100 mA load current is 1.9 to 2.0 V.

*Measuring conditions: VDS = -10 V, Tc = 25℃, arbitrary sample from arbitrary lot This data is a reference value and is not guaranteed. Please keep this in mind.

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