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What are Diodes and transistors?

Latest Updated:07/01/2008


Diodes and transistors


The first two or three digits indicate the family type, in compliance with the naming rules of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

1st digit: Indicates the number of junctions.
2nd digit: S stands for semiconductor.
3rd digit: Indicates the function


Type Category
1S Diode
2SA Bipolar-type transistor PNP, for high frequency
2SB PNP, for low frequency
2SC NPN, for high frequency
2SD NPN, for low frequency
2SJ Field-effect-type transistor (FET) P-channel
3SJ P-channel (2 gates)
2SK N-channel
3SK N-channel (2 gates)
2SF Thyristor

Remarks 1.Product names starting with 1N or 2N follow the American naming format.

Remarks 2.Product names starting with the following codes are original to Renesas Electronics.  

RD, NNCD, NSAD:Zener diode

N:New-model general-purpose transistor or FET named using a different system to the JEITA naming rules

Family type Withstand voltage rank Rank-based serial number Type Revision Special standard Detailed package classification Taping Lead (Pb)-free
N 06 00 P A ( ) -ZK -E1 -AY

The Withstand voltage rank and Type categories are described below. See the 2SJ600 example further down for details of the categories following Revision.


Withstand voltage rank

01 10-19V
02 20-29V
03 30-39V
04 40-49V
05 50-59V
06 60-69V
07 70-79V
08 80-89V
09 90-99V
10-19 100-199V
20-29 200-299V
30-39 300-399V
40-49 400-499V
50-59 500-599V
60-69 600-699V
70-79 700-799V
80-89 800-899V
90-99 900-999V


Code Type

NP:Power MOS FET for automotive electrical applications

NE:RF & microwave transistor, FET

Family type Product number Package code Taping Lead (Pb)-free
NE 3503 M04 -T2 -A

See the 2SJ600 example below for details of the Taping and Lead (Pb)-free categories.

NDL, NR, NX:Optical diode for communication (NDL: obsolete)

PS:Photocoupler, optical MOS (SSR) device

PH:Light receiver element

NV:Visible laser diode (obsolete)

The Orderable Part Number used by Renesas Electronics are explained below, using the 2SJ600 as an example.

Product number Revision Special standard Detailed package
Taping Lead (Pb)-free
2SJ 600   (0) -Z -E1 -AZ


Field Description
Family type As described above.
Product number The product number is described using numerals.
Revision The chip revision number is expressed as a single letter (the revision number increases in alphabetical order).
First releases (products that haven't been revised) have no revision indication.
Special standard Describes the special features of the product, including its quality grade and lead formation.
Detailed package classification -Z indicates products that have been changed from through-hole packages to surface-mount packages using standard pin formation processing.
Taping For products shipped on a tape reel, codes such as -E1 and -E2 are added to show the direction of the product on the tape.
One exception is the non-reel version of the SC-59 package, which has the code -L added.
Lead (Pb)-free Classification codes such as -A and -AZ are suffixed to the Orderable Part Number of lead-free products.

Remarks 1.Some products may have characters such as /JM suffixed to their Orderable Part Number. These characters indicate where the product was manufactured. The first character after the slash indicates the country where the manufacturer of the IC diffusion processing is located, and the second character indicates the country where the product was assembled.
In the case of /JM, the J stands for Japan, and the M for Malaysia. If two products have the same Orderable Part Number except for these characters, the functions, performance (i.e., electrical specifications described in the data sheet) and package of the products are the same, regardless of where the product was manufactured.

Remarks 2.The rank classification of Zener diodes (B1, B2, etc.) and the hFE rank of transistors do not form part of the Orderable Part Number. These are handled separately.

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