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Does triac's work and functions disturbed if the temperature is 45°C?

Latest Updated:12/01/2006


When the ambient temperature was 45°C, the surface temperature measured at the metal fins of the AC10DGM was approximately 55°C, but is this temperature a problem considering triac performance and functions?


Verification of the junction temperature (Tj) is required to determine whether or not this temperature is a problem.
In the case of the AC10DGM, the thermal resistance Rth(j-c) between the junction and the case is 1.8°C/W, so that at the ambient temperature of 45°C, the following Tj value is obtained when the measured temperature (Tc) is approximately 55°C:
Tj = 1.8 × Pd + 55
Please calculate Pd and check whether Tj is equal to or lower than the junction temperature of 125°C in the above equation.

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