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Running Linux on a Renesas Microcontroller

Last Updated: 06/28/2016


What Renesas Microcontrollers support Linux?


The RZ/A1 and RZ/T1 microcontrollers can run Linux in a "traditional" SDRAM-based run configuration as well as in an Execute-in-Place (XIP) configuration. It is made possible by the RZ/A1's ability to execute code directly from QSPI flash and from on-chip SRAM (up to 10MB). Members of the RZ/A1 family include the RZ/A1L, RZ/A1M, and RZ/A1H which utilize a single core Cortex-A9. The RZ/T1 offers a dual processor combination of a Cortex R4F & Cortex-M3.

The BSP (board support package) for the RZ/A1 RSK is located on the RZ Forum on There is also some information specifically located here: In addition, there are Linux BSPs available for the RZ/A1 on our partner Timesys’ website, with the option of commercial support through Timesys.