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CAN Basics eLearning Course

Last Updated: 06/27/2016


Does Renesas offer basic training on key CAN design aspects?


Renesas offers free basic training on key CAN design aspects these free courses at Renesas Interactive (Part 1 & Part 2). The material provides technical details that will help you design reliable, cost-effective distributed systems that link together a network of microcontrollers (MCUs). It contains an overview of CAN technology — what it is, why it’s important, and where it is used and can be applied to good advantage. This course also highlights various key CAN design aspects, including the physical interface, data flow, timing issues, Physical layer, OSI model, and higher-level protocols used in CAN-based systems.

Note that you will need to sign into your Renesas SSO (Single Sign On) account or complete a free registration to proceed.