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Difference of E1 and E20 emulator with the Flash Development Toolkit

Latest Updated:09/09/2013


The E1 and E20 emulator have the programming functions to internal flash memory (called the Writing the on-chip flash memory mode) in the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment.
Are there any differences between these functions and programming functions to flash memory with the Flash Development Toolkit?


You have same results in programming. However, there are differences as follows.

  E1 and E20 emulator Flash Development Toolkit
Assumed to be used for Simple programming after finishing development. Programming in the mass production process stage. (programming with the push of a button)
Programming to internal flash memory Only programming after erasing Programming in a block. Featuring functions a general programming device has: erasing only a specified block and execution of command “verify” by itself. (See the Flash Development Toolkit User’s Manual for details)
Etc. - Offering the evaluation version and the product version. Purchase the product version to benefit from technical support, when programming in the mass production process stage.

Note: E1 and E20 emulator can not be used for programming to external flash memory.

Suitable Products
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]
Flash Development Toolkit