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[HEW V.4, V.3] Are there methods for accomplishing the standard I/O?

Latest Updated:07/27/2010


[High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4, V.3] Are there any methods for accomplishing the standard I/O such as the printf function with the debuggers supported by the High-performance Embedded Workshop.


When using the C/C++ compiler package for SuperH family or C/C++ compiler package for H8SX,H8S,H8 family.
To accomplish the standard I/O, click to select the [Use I/O library] check box when creating a new project with the High-performance Embedded Workshop. This generates low-level interface routine which is only valid for simulators. Note that you need to create another low-level interface routine accordingly on user systems to accomplish the standard I/O matches to the user system. For detail, refer to the “9.2 Creation of Initial Setting Programs” on the C/C++ Compiler Assembler Optimizing Linkage Editor User’s Manual.

When using C compiler package for R8C, M16C family
The output destination of the printf function is implemented as UART1 by default in the standard library files. Refer to the “Appendix E.3 Customizing the standard I/O library” on the compiler user’s manual to modify the output destination to UART0 or customize it.

Note that the E8a/E8 emulator may use UART1 when using the E8a/E8. In this case, you cannot use UART1. The MCU resources used by the E8a/E8 emulator differ by the MCUs used in user systems, so refer to the additional user’s manual for E8a or E8.

Simulator debuggers enable you to confirm output data toward UART1 with the printf function on the [output port] window. The [output port] window supports the functions that display output data toward ports on this window and output to files, so it is also available for confirming output results of the printf functions which are embedded for debugging with simulators.
Refer to the “6.4 Using printf for Debugging” on the C Compiler for M16C Family Application Notes for detail.

Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family
C/C++ Compiler Package for R8C and M16C Families
C/C++ Compiler Package for M16C Series and R8C Family [M3T-NC30WA]
C Compiler Package for R32C Series
C Compiler Package for M32C Series [M3T-NC308WA]
C/C++ Compiler Package for H8SX, H8S, H8 Family