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How to enhance performance of software program by various options?

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


I want to enhance the performance of the software program by selecting various options. In order to try various options based on the current option settings, what do I do?


Make several new configurations based on the current build configuration.
As the build results of the configurations are generated into separate folders, you can compare (evaluate) several configuration results at the same time.

The procedure to make a new [Debug1] configuration from an existing [Debug] configuration is:

  1. Open the workspace, and select [Build]->[Build Configurations...]
  2. [Build Configurations] dialog is displayed. Click [Add...] button.
  3. [Add Configuration] dialog is displayed.
    After entering [Debug1] into the "Configuration name" field, select [Debug] from the "Based on configuration" field, then click [OK].
  4. Close the [Build Configurations] dialog box.
    Select [Debug1] configuration and build the project.

For details, please refer to "Build Configurations" in the High-performance Embedded Workshop User's Manual.

Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop