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How to update High performance Embedded Workshop to V.4 04 00 properly?

Latest Updated:01/23/2008


When I update High-performance Embedded Workshop to V.4.04.00, it terminate abnormally.
Is there any way to resolve this problem?


When you update High-performance Embedded Workshop to V.4.04.00 and start it up, it may terminate abnormally.

This problem occurs if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. you have used "Find In Files" function before upgrading it.
  2. in the "Directory" pull-down list of the "Find In Files" dialog box, five or nine items are listed as a history.

High-performance Embedded Workshop has been revised from V.4.04.00 to V.4.04.01 in Jan.21, 2008 because there was a problem in V.4.04.00.
Please update your product. For the release of V.4.04.01, refer to here.

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High-performance Embedded Workshop