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Converting GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain project into GCC ARM Embedded_e² studio

Last Updated:11/01/2017


How do I convert GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain projects for RZ family devices into GCC ARM Embedded toolchain projects?


First, set up the environment as follows:
-    e² studio V5.3 or V5.4 is installed.
-    GCC ARM Embedded toolchain is integrated in the above version of e² studio

Then, perform the following procedure.
Step 1. Create project(s) in the e² studio V5.4 workspace.

Step 2. Create a new workspace folder or copy the project folder out of workspace, then launch e² studio V5.4.
            Note: Project(s) cannot be converted into the same workspace.

Step 3. Select “Import…” in the “File” menu.
            Then select “Import KPIT GNUARM Project to GCC ARM Embedded" in the “General” category.

Step 4. Specify the folder path of the original project created in step 1.
             As the project is recognized, the device name for the project is displayed.
             Press the [Finish] button, then conversion starts and a log of the result is displayed.

Note1: If the "Project cannot be imported as it already exists in the workspace" message appears, delete a project which has the same name as the original project or rename, and re-execute.

Note2: If the "Imported project does not contain the linker script" warning message appears during conversion, build the original project and try converting.

Step 5. Build the project.
  If an error occurs during building the assembly source files, see the following FAQ and check for the pre-processor option.

Build errors in converted RZ project for GNU ARM Embedded toolchain_e² studio

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