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Making RZ project with GNU ARM Embedded toolchain(e² studio)

Last Updated:08/09/2017


How do I make an e² studio project for RZ devices with GNU ARM Embedded toolchain?


Although you can create a project as "Hello World GNU ARM Embedded C Project", you need to add startup code and configure the linker script.
Alternatively, you could convert an existing GNUARM-NONE project into a GNU ARM Embedded project.
Here's how to do the conversion:
  1.  Prepare a GNUARM-NONE project:
      Renesas sample projects can be used, but must be unzipped prior to conversion.
  2.  Convert the project:
     Choose "Import..." in "File" menu.  In "General" category, select "Import KPIT GNUARM Projects to GCC ARM Embedded" to convert the project.
     For more details, see the section "KPIT GNUARM-RZ/NONE to GCC ARM Embedded project import" in e² studio Help.
Suitable Products
e² studio
RZ Family