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To use mathematical functions for RZ projects_e² studio

Last Updated:09/06/2017


How can I use mathematical functions for RZ projects on e² studio?


Mathematical functions such as sin( ) are provided as a part of GNU Toolchain library.
FAQ 3000063 : GNU compilers for e² studio

Refer to this FAQ for details about GNU Toolchains available for RZ devices.
Besides the #include <math.h> declaration in your source code, the following configurations are required to use the math library, depending on toolchains.

[for GNURAM-NONE EABI Toolchain]
  Choose "math.h" at the time of creating a project, or enable "math.h" at configuration of "Header Files" in the Library Generator category.

[for GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain]
  To link libm.a (math library), configure the Linker option as follows.
  * Add "m" in the Libraries(-l) box.  (This corresponds to linker option "-lm".)
  * Specify "${TC_INSTALL}/arm-none-eabi/lib" in the Library search path (-L).

See this manual for details about GNU math library functions.

To utilize the hardware math processor (VFP), you also need VFP initialization code.
Sample code of initialization is available here.
(See the "vfp_init_asm.s" file for details about VFP.)
Suitable Products
e² studio
RZ Family
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