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RA78K0R error E3116 - Compiler Error Message

Last Updated:09/20/2017


When trying to use the Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack in the integrated development environment (IDE) CS+ for CA,CX,  the "RA78K0R error E3116" is displayed and the project cannot be built.  Why does this happen?


It is a problem due to the restriction of the evaluation status of the IDE CS+ for CA,CX.  For the evaluation version, the range of usable memory is reduced to 64KB (0-FFFFh) of internal ROM and internal RAM.

The ROM usage of the Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack exceeds 64KB. Therefore, for the IDE, it's necessary to use the "product version" of CS+ for CA,CX or "evaluation software tool" of CS+ for CC, which has no restrictions during the 60-day evaluation period.

For details of the evaluation software tools, please refer to the following:

Suitable Products
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