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Programs Compatibility Between RL78/G1D Evaluation Board and Module

Last Updated:09/20/2017


Does a program which has been confirmed to function on the RL78/G1D evaluation board, also work with the RL78/G1D module (RY7011)?


If the RF slow clock supply method (On-chip oscillator | External clock input | External crystal resonator connection) of the RL78/G1D evaluation board (RTK0EN0001D01001BZ) and the RL78/G1D module (RY7011) are the same, the program confirmed to function on the evaluation board will also function on the module.  The firmware written to the module as shipped uses a 32-kHz on-chip oscillator for the RF slow clock.

Please refer to the following manual for setting of the RF slow clock supply method.
Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack User's Manual (R01UW0095)
"6.1.3 Changing the Operating Frequency"

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