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What happens if I exceed on the suggested operating conditions?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


Will my product be adversely affected if I exceed the recommended operating conditions?


The meaning of the recommended operating conditions differs depending on the product. Please refer below.

(1)When operating the product in a range narrower than the AC, DC characteristics:
There is no problem as long as the values are within the AC, DC characteristics range.


(2)When the conditions have not been otherwise prescribed as AC, DC characteristics:
They mean the same as AC, DC characteristics. In this case, operation is not guaranteed if the recommended operating conditions are exceeded.
If the absolute maximum ratings are exceeded, the reliability is also not guaranteed.
With a power device, be sure to confirm that derating is possible with respect to the absolute maximum ratings.
If the above conditions cannot be satisfied, change the IC selection.


(3)When the recommended conditions are related to the operating error:
When the recommended conditions are related to the operating accuracy, such as the communication clock rate, etc., operation is not guaranteed if these conditions are exceeded.

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