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Is 4.6V allowed regardless of Vcc according on the datasheet?

Latest Updated:03/16/2012


According to the datasheet for asynchronous SRAM, VIH(max) of 3V parts is Vcc+0.3V (maximum of 4.6V). Is 4.6V allowed regardless of Vcc?


When Vcc = 3.3V, the max. level of VIH is 3.3V + 0.3V = 3.6V.
When VIH(max) is 4.6V, the Vcc value should be 4.3V, which is 4.6V - 0.3V.
This value of 4.6V is the absolute maximum rating which guarantees product reliability but is not the voltage specification that guarantees proper operation. (Can be calculated for 5V products in the same way.)
Suitable Products
Bipolar Operational Amplifiers
Asynchronous SRAM